Rome 2030 Kickstarter Teaser

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Have you ever imagined what would happen if the ancient Roman Empire never collapsed, but instead grew in size and sophistication till they made the leap into space?

Do you enjoy space games that combine trading, fighting and exploring?

Would it be cool to explore a space game that used real stars and possible habitable planets as its game space?

Would you be interested in a space trading game that was connected to a real world cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

Then watch our teaser video and back our Kickstarter to take part in the effort to make this a reality.

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Become instantly immersed in the beautiful and deadly augmented reality of deep space.

Traveller AR Portal-View Technology™ Portal-View Technology™ lets you Augment the Reality around you, just as if you were looking out the portal of a real space-ship. Learn More


Explore a Galaxy’s worth of depth achieving new ranks, trophies, and levels for you and your ship in a true iPhone RPG environment.

Traveller AR HexMode™  MapHexMode™ lets you zoom out and engage in tactical combat, trading, and exploration… just like the Original Traveller Pen and Paper RPG. Learn More


Engage in exciting PvP or PvE battles or simply explore and trade for infinite replay-ability.

Traveller AR Nav-Wheel™ interface The Nav-Wheel™ interface lets you play the Traveller-AR iPhone MMORPG tactically and intuitively without getting in the way of the action. Learn More

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Democratic Game Design

The first game designed for the people, by the people!

Rome 2030 will allow backers to determine what features are added. Just like the ancient Roman, the players will have the power to see the game they want developed. Final details are being worked out, but it will work something like this:

  • Backers of noble levels and above will have a direct voice in the development of the game. Depending on the level, they will get input into the design of ships, naming of system and other in-game features. The highest levels will get to participate in developer forums and conference calls to give their input directly to the design team. This is a first among crowd sourced video games!
  • The Noble “Ruling Counsel” will also get to help decide which features are implemented at what stretch goals. Help to pick the platform you want developed first or which multiplayer feature will be added. The power is yours to develop the game you want to see.
  • Just like the Roman Republic, every citizen will have a voice, even at the lowest backing levels. These votes will aggregated votes into a single position on the Ruling Counsel, just like the voice of the people, the Plebian Tribune in the ancient Roman Senate. Every backer will have a voice!
  • Every backer, small and large will receive a listing in the game credits. Depending on the backer level, some may get specific design titles given in the credits. Back Rome 2030 and see your name in lights!
  • Just like the Roman Republic, this process will not be a pure democracy. The “Caesar” of lead designers, the Executive Producer can still exercise his veto and his word in final in all matters game design. However, the intention is to follow the will of the people and develop the game they want to see.
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